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About Us

The Newborn Screening Information Center (NBSIC) provides clear and up-to-date information, materials, and resources about NBS in the United States (U.S.). These resources help increase awareness, knowledge, and understanding of NBS and genetic conditions.

The purposes of this site are to: 

  • Define NBS, describe the NBS process, and explain how that process relates to follow up, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Identify the conditions included as part of NBS
  • List the types of NBS results and describe what happens after screening for babies with each type of result
  • Connect parents, parents-to-be, and health care providers with state-specific NBS resources
  • Help readers learn about updates in NBS

This website, the Newborn Screening Information Clearinghouse, is maintained by the Health Resources & Services Administration's Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), per 42 USC § 300b-11.  

MCHB is part of the Health Resources & Services Administration, a federal agency focused on the health care of isolated or at-risk people in the U.S. MCHB’s mission is to improve the health of America’s mothers, children, and families. 

All content posted on the Newborn Screening Information Center website undergoes expert review before approval by MCHB.

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